Joyus Jayden


The contagious joy and unconditional love of Joyous Jayden inspires her caterpillar friends to make right choices when confronted with peer pressure. Come along and see how this joyful band of caterpillars deal with Buzzing Billy Bee in order to reach their destiny. Colorful illustrations and whimsical poetry bring home a powerful message about the deceptive lure and unfortunate consequences of addiction.

Joyous Jayden is a poignant book about the dangers of drugs and the consequences which result from the choices we make. It is written in a way that younger children can understand. The author uses rhyme, alliteration and winsome characters to entice the young reader. A wonderful vehicle to use as a springboard to discuss issues of drugs, addiction and the power of forgiveness.
Jane Denton, M. in ED, Mother, and Grandmother