WingMan For Recovery

Helping addicts go from dependence to independence

WingMan For Recovery is a free ground-breaking conversational app that you can talk to about your addiction and earn Noiacoin rewards.

WingMan For Recovery

Focused on the 5- to 20-minute period during which an addict experiences a craving, an intense desire to drink or use, WingMan For Recovery offers a range of encouragement, productive distraction, quick access to resources and incentives to help push through the craving and aid the long term success of sustaining recovery.

The app uses a conversational voice chat & SMS-like UI to interact with a machine learning-enabled engine to create a personalized approach to your recovery. WingMan is just like a sponsor or caring counselor who is immediately available 24/7 — whenever a craving hits. It is not intended to replace existing relationships or treatments, but rather to provide additional and immediate assistance to individuals in recovery.

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Help for Family & Friends of Addicts

Finding answers to questions about addiction or ways to approach a loved one going through addiction can be tough. WingMan For Recovery is here to help you:

  • Decide on the best approach for your loved one
  • Deliver private suggestions for recovery
  • Answer questions you have regarding addiction
  • Find a doctor, lawyer, rehab facility or support group when in need

Get Involved in Saving Lives

Over 25 years ago, while counseling addicts who had been incarcerated due to their addiction-related crimes, we discovered there was a new class of victims being created: their children. Left out of the picture, not understanding why, how, what, where or when they might ever see their parents again, they are thrust into the turbulence of growing up in a totally dysfunctional world. They need direction and they need help. So we formed a 501(c)3 organization called to provide those needed resources.

The WingMan Book Program helps children of all ages recognize, deal and cope with the negative impact our society places on them. Making healthy decisions at a young age is key to living a happy, healthy life. Our program provides schools, churches and other non-profit organizations the tools they need to help young people cope with the challenges of today’s society.

Help save a child’s life today. Click here to learn more about WingMan Books and donate to provide valuable materials to our youth.

All contributions to are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

Partner With Us

If You Offer Services For Recovering Addicts

We strive to save the lives of those afflicted by addiction, by offering assistance to every individual in need. Sometimes, this assistance comes in the form of professional help.

WingMan users often require:

  • Legal assistance, if they’ve been arrested or detained
  • Medical assistance from a physician
  • Inpatient or Outpatient treatment
  • Counseling or therapy
  • Other services to help them sustain their recovery

We welcome your participation in the WingMan ecosystem.

  • Utilize targeted marketing based on client attributes and measure the effects of marketing campaigns for your business or organization
  • Better understand and educate those affected by addiction
  • Have access to measurable data, conversation rates and referrals to help save lives

Feeling the urge and need someone to talk to? 📱 WingMan has your back 24/7! When your sponsor or friend is unavailable, and it feels like the walls are closing in, we’re here to chat, provide advice, offer encouragement, and even share some productive distractions to help you push through cravings. Click here to connect with your 24/7 WingMan support now! 🌟 #YouAreNotAlone #WingManSupport

Your Safety, Your Control! 📍✨ Did you know? WingMan’s innovative feature provides location data to identify and mark areas as ‘dangerous’ or ‘safe’—a powerful tool for your peace of mind. Use it as a proof for your DIU, reassure family and friends, or simply celebrate your recovery journey. Click here to explore how WingMan empowers you with location insights for a safer and more confident recovery. 🌐 #RecoveryInYourHands #SafetyFirst

Earn as You Recover! 🌟 Introducing NoiaCoin, our revolutionary contingency management rewards system. As you use the app to navigate your recovery journey, you earn NoiaCoin—more than just a digital asset, it’s a symbol of your progress. Redeem rewards, celebrate achievements, and take control of bringing your life back, one milestone at a time. Click here to discover how NoiaCoin is your companion in bringing your life back! 💪✨ #RewardsOfRecovery #NoiaCoinJourney

Unlock Your Recovery Journey with RecoveryFlow! 🌊✨ Our app introduces a game-changing feature—RecoveryFlow—an automated series of curated curricula tailored to guide you through each stage of addiction. From understanding triggers to building resilience, it’s your personalized roadmap to reclaiming a healthier, happier life. Click here to dive into RecoveryFlow and let the waves of transformation begin! 🚀🔄 #RecoveryFlow #YourJourneyYourWay

Continued Support, Personalized Care! 🤝✨ Explore our Aftercare feature—your lifeline post-recovery. We provide ongoing accountability by securely storing your data in our database, ensuring you stay connected with the support you need. Click here to discover how our Aftercare commitment ensures your journey doesn’t end, and support is just a click away. 🌐🔒 #AftercareForLife #YourRecoveryContinues