About decisions.org

About Us

decisions.org addresses the dearth of resources and educational materials specifically tailored for the children in families suffering the ravages of addiction. decsions.org was founded by recovering addicts, family members of addicts and professionals who treat addicts. Together, we have accumulated over 1,000 years of sobriety. Each of us understands the staggering impact of addiction on the lives of children and their families.

Why the name decisions.org?

For most of our existence, deciding is a daily, if not minute-by-minute process. Through trial and error as children, in making decisions, we receive positive and negative feedback when we make good and bad choices. For many years, however, parents are the principal decisions-makers for their offspring.

This non-profit site is dedicated to helping young people make life decisions that are not just impulsive decisions or bad decisions. Good decision-making is a blend of being instructed properly, and learning — over time — the correct choices to make. Acting impulsively often ends with a negative result. That learning process can be a building block for a person’s decision matrix, moving forward with his or her future.

As children, making decisions for ourselves is rare, since our parents “call the shots” in our early years. Overall, parental decision-making is primarily targeted to protecting those who are too young to decide on their own. Over time, almost all parents and grandparents will do what they can to inform and educate their offspring on how to make good decisions. This is an essential part of surviving and succeeding in life.

Our mission
Fighting Addiction by Providing Tools for Making Better Decisions

Our vision
To create a world in which every young person who is struggling with the ripple effects of addiction is empowered to make healthy choices as they grow into responsible adults.

Addiction does not concern itself with wealth, race, religion, age OR with its impact on the children of those who are addicted.