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WingMan For Recovery is an app that you can talk to about your addiction, when in a crisis or to help maintain sobriety. Focused on the 5- to 20-minute period during which an addict experiences a craving, an intense desire to drink or use, WingMan For Recovery offers a range of encouragement, productive distraction, quick access to resources and incentives to help push through the craving and aid the long term success of sustaining recovery.

Follow the simple steps below to download WingMan for Recovery to help you overcome cravings to use and other addiction related issues and earn Noiacoin!

1. Scan or tap on the appropriate QR code to the right for direct access to the app in your device’s app store.

2. Complete your registration in the app by entering your email address & creating a password.  Use the app for 30 days to start earning Noiacoin rewards.


There are several ways to earn rewards!

  • Browse Activities and watch, listen to or do them to help with your cravings
  • Successfully complete a Challenge Puzzle
  • Answer survey questions
  • Invite/refer others to download and use the app

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