The Feature: Patient Recovery Management (PRM) and Enterprise Resource Management (ERM) Designed for the Rehab Industry

Our solution revolutionizes the way that addiction recovery centers and treatment professionals manage their operations and improve outcomes in their patient recovery journeys.

The Advantage

Creating an end-to-end solution leading the sick and suffering to successful sustained recovery

The Benefits

Provide auditable ever-increasing recovery success rates

Provide transparent accountability for stakeholders

Determine cost-per-recovery (CPR) leveraging increased revenue from Payers

Determine and Increase revenue-per-available-recovery (RevPar), growing EBITDA

Key Elements:

Intuitive Mobile & Web App

Powerful Generative AI Front End

Blockchain-based data with full contingency management

Visual data analytics to identify success factors

The Comprehensive PRM / ERM Platform Revolutionizing Addiction Recovery for Successful, Sustained Results

Our PRM / ERM seamlessly integrates various components of addiction recovery, including patient management, resource allocation, treatment planning, and progress tracking. By consolidating these processes into a single platform, our solution eliminates fragmentation, streamlines workflows, and promotes efficient coordination among stakeholders.

The WingMan PRM / ERM takes a holistic approach to addiction recovery by encompassing all aspects of the journey, from initial assessment to long-term support. It addresses not only the immediate treatment needs but also focuses on sustained recovery by facilitating ongoing care, relapse prevention, and aftercare support. This comprehensive approach enhances the chances of successful, lasting recovery.

With our PRM / ERM, personalized care becomes a reality. By leveraging advanced technologies, such as generative AI and predictive analytics, our platform generates insights and recommendations tailored to each individual’s unique circumstances. This enables treatment providers to develop personalized treatment plans, identify risk factors, and deliver targeted interventions, resulting in more effective outcomes.

The end-to-end nature of our PRM / ERM platform optimizes efficiency at every step of the recovery process. By automating administrative tasks, simplifying documentation, and streamlining communication channels, our solution reduces the burden on staff, enabling them to focus more on patient care and support. This efficiency translates to improved resource utilization, reduced costs, and enhanced overall productivity.

Our PRM / ERM goes beyond immediate treatment and aims to support individuals throughout their long-term recovery journey. By incorporating contingency management, relapse prevention strategies, and comprehensive aftercare planning, our platform fosters sustained recovery and helps individuals build the skills and resilience necessary to maintain a healthy, addiction-free lifestyle.

WingMan PRM / ERM’s robust data management capabilities, treatment providers have access to real-time, accurate information about patient progress, treatment outcomes, and resource utilization. This data empowers evidence-based decision making, allowing for continuous improvement in treatment protocols, resource allocation, and recovery strategies.

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